Dom na sprzedaż Katowice
105.00 m2

ŚLĄSKIE, Katowice m., Katowice, Nikiszowiec
899 010 zł
8 562.00 zł za m2
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ŚLĄSKIE, Katowice m., Katowice, Nikiszowiec
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899 010 zł
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Buy a modern, eco-friendly wooden modular home.

I know time is crucial for you! Together, we can complete the construction of your home in just 14 days, thanks to prefabrication and the use of advanced CLT technology.

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) is a technologically advanced building material composed of layers of wood. This relatively new approach to construction was first developed in Europe in the 1990s, specifically in Austria and Switzerland. Since then, it has gained increasing popularity due to its numerous advantages.

Ecology: Wood is a renewable material, and CLT production requires significantly less energy compared to traditional building materials, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

Construction Speed: Thanks to ready-made CLT panels, construction can proceed much faster than with traditional methods, saving time and costs.

Strength and Stability: CLT is highly durable and can be used for both low and high-rise buildings. It also has excellent load-bearing capacity.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: CLT can be used to provide good thermal and acoustic insulation, enhancing living comfort.

Lightweight: Despite its strength, CLT is relatively lightweight, facilitating transport and on-site assembly.

Aesthetics: Wood is a natural material that adds warmth and character to interiors, often appreciated by architects and residents.

꧁ If you dream of your own modern and eco-friendly home, Czapla&Czapla and Keno-Home have the perfect solution for you! ꧂

Visit Us: These are not visualizations; these are photos taken at our show home! We encourage you to visit to see firsthand how simple it is to create your dream home.

Unique Designs: We offer a variety of projects that you can customize to your needs, including both single-family and vacation homes suitable for year-round living.

Sustainable Price: The investment cost is comparable to traditional construction, and you can configure the house according to your needs. The price per square meter in the advertisement is for a "turnkey" single-story house (E1) with the Smart System.

Hassle-Free Construction: "Turnkey" construction takes place in the production hall, and assembly on the plot is completed in 14 days. Our homes are energy-efficient, quick to build, and environmentally friendly.

Expert Support: Our team of specialists is ready to assist you in realizing your dream home.

꧁ A place where ✓ quality goes hand in hand with ecology ☾☁. Thanks to its advantages, CLT has become a popular choice in modern construction for both residential and commercial buildings. ꧂

Contact: Balbina Plesińska | tel. 786-26-03-33 | e-mail:

Show Home Address: Gliwice, ul. Daszyńskiego 636 (right off the A4 highway exit to DW408). Schedule your visit now!

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